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Postby Hikin_Jim » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:56 pm

How to post photos from Google.

1. Get a Google account. For example, mine is hikin.jim
2. Upload photos to your Google account.
3. Go to your Google account by entering the following web address:
but substitute your Google account name where you see mine. In other words, remove "hikin.jim" and replace it with your Google account name.
4. Once you enter the above link and hit enter, you should see your albums. Here is a snapshot of some of mine:
5. Click on the album that contains the photo you want to post, and then click on the photo itself within that album. Next to the photo, over on the lower right, it should have a link that says "Link to this Photo". Click on that link, and you should see the following:
Be sure to check the "Image Only" box as shown and to select the size of photo you want. I usually choose "Large 800px".
6. After you've done the above, copy the text in the "Embed Image" text box (not the "Link" text box).
7. Now, paste the text into a post here on the MSJ board, and put an image ("[img]") tag before and an image tag after ("[/img]"). Note that the trailing tag has to have slash in it. You can do this manually or use the "Img" button here on the board.

I'm now going to go through the exact steps I would take to post a particular photo. For this example, let's say I want to post a photo of the SJ Wilderness boundary sign.
1. First, I go to the album. For me, I go to, but remember, you have to remove "hikin.jim" and replace it with your Google account name. You won't see the "Link to this Photo" option under "hikin.jim" You will only see the "Link to the Photo" option under your Google account.

2. Next, I go to the specific photo I want. In the album, the third photo is the one of the SJ Wilderness boundary sign. I click on the photo, click on "Link to this Photo", check the "Image Only" box, select "Large 800px", and copy the text from the "Embed Image" box. Again, remember, that the "Link to this Photo" option will only appear if you are logged on to your account and then only for your photos.

The text to embed the image is as follows: ... C04002.JPG

3. Next, Add the image tags so that it looks like this:
Code: Select all
I've put the above into a code "block" so the forum won't display it as a photo.

Without the code block, it will look like this:

Sound complicated? Actually it's not too bad once you get used to it.

Hope that helps,

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Postby drndr » Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:24 am


just trying to add pic. this is a test

WOO HOO. It worked! Thanks Jim. Those are idiot proof directions.
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