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Re: Bill Ewasko found?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2022 5:26 pm
by Hikin_Jim
I suppose no one ever got a copy of the coroner's report? Not that I would expect anything too terribly exciting to be revealed. Maybe they'd list the contents of his backpack. I'd still be really curious to know if he had a map and which map he had.

Ric Capucho wrote:I’ll (finally) visit JTNP late July as a few days stop over during a north to south California road trip. Care to imagine some of the places I’ll hike? Erm, scratch Smithwater.

I'm not sure I'd visit JTNP in July (March is when I'd go), but Smith Water Canyon in general isn't so bad -- from the top. Getting from the area where there is that little tiny trickle of water up to Covington Flat wasn't bad, but I've never gone down past the water area. I've yet to experience the man eating bushes that OtherHand describes. I found the canyon quite interesting.

I don't think it was Smith Water per se that did Bill in. I think it was a combination of heat and dehydration as well as a major miscalculation/mistake, i.e. (apparently) deciding to strike out cross country and (possibly) depending on there being water in Smith Water, which is its reputation (hence the name). Well, there is water in Smith Water, albeit barely a trickle, but it's a lot further upstream than one would think, at least the water I found. I've not heard of water farther down stream. The water is closer to the upper entrance (toward Covington Flat) than it is toward the mouth. Unless Bill entered Smith Water Canyon well upstream, which seems unlikely given the terrain, he would not have found water. Going more-or-less directly from Quail Mountain (which he presumably summited) to Smith Water would almost certainly place him downstream of the water. It'd also be one heck of an effort which might well explain the time lapsed between his start date and the date of his last ping.