Skyline Trail officially open

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Skyline Trail officially open

Postby Florian » Wed May 08, 2024 5:34 am

Per a facebook post from the Mount San Jacinto State Park the Skyline Trail is now officially open to hikers. Text of the post follows ..

The Skyline Route Trail, or better known as Cactus to the Clouds, has officially reopened!
The warmer weather has melted a considerable amount of snow on the trail, allowing State Parks to safely reopen the route to hikers! If your planning on taking the 10,000 ft hike from Palm Springs to Long Valley, remember to carefully plan out your route and understand the risks of the treterious journey. While temperatures are well into the 90’s in the desert, the cool mountain weather can present many challenges for the ill prepared. This trail is challenging and requires a high level of fitness and stamina. Be sure to pack warm clothes, plenty of food and water, and have an emergency plan. See you in the clouds.
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Re: Skyline Trail officially open

Postby drndr » Thu May 09, 2024 4:22 pm

Thank you for the info.

This site used to be so filled with info and very active. Is there somewhere else people are going to get updates? Trip reports?

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Re: Skyline Trail officially open

Postby guest » Fri May 10, 2024 7:48 am

Thanks Florian, I find it strange the state park uses facebook for communication for this info, I found nothing on the state park San Jac website, (maybe because only 1/2 of Skyline is in state park jurisdiction).
Interesting how the message seem to combine Skyline (PS to Long Valley), with Cactus to Clouds, PS to San Jac peak, calling the climb to Long Valley 10k ft. (no mention that this is the elevation gain, not the distance of the route), when that section is 8k ft. of gain, (C2C is approx 10,400 ft. of gain).
Anyhow, glads it's open, and hopefully those attempting either climb will have the fitness & endurance and are able to hike in warm, (hot to many), and cold weather. scott
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Re: Skyline Trail officially open

Postby Ed » Fri May 10, 2024 8:44 am

Probably goes on Facebook because posting directly on the website requires more expertise. The wording suggests it was also handed off to someone who is not well informed about the trail.

The 2024-008 report by RMRU suggests that the ban was ignored by some unqualified people.
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