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Postby drndr » Sun Oct 22, 2023 12:50 pm

Thought I'd add a TR on here since its been so quiet. Maybe hikers are using All Trails more. Ran into a few that was using that app to find there way so maybe just reviewing on there.

8 in our group starting at 430 am on Saturday. Two of them newbies. My first hike up there in 2 years. 73 degrees at the start. That is my hottest start time and I'm pretty sure there wasnt a time we werent sweating. Saw maybe 15 others on the trail. I was expecting more. Running into others on the trail reminds me that I wish everyone in life had a hikers attitude, not a bad personality out there.

Pretty standard hike until about 30-45 minutes above flat rock. As Ellen mentioned, I don't think I have ever had a harder time following the trail at times. Always refound it with a little back tracking. Our biggest challenge was after what I call the first traverse. Completely lost the trail and were in the boulders. I just told my group to spread out and head in a diagonal towards Coffman crag because i know we were lower than we should be. Bouldering was fun but very glad when we reconnected with the trail. We probably ate up 30 minutes in the boulders. Our group finished between 8-9 hours. We were hoping for 7.5 but with the bouldering and a newbie struggling we missed our mark. But the group was happy after the fact just not necessarily during the final 2 hours.

Hope to see some of you in the cooler months.
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Re: Skyline

Postby guest » Mon Oct 23, 2023 8:29 am

Hi drndr, nice report, always nice to hear what's happening on Skyline this time of year, when the fall window opens before the snow. To those not that familiar with this climb, 73 might not sound too bad, but with sun expose the whole way, until 7k, (possibly little breeze), and the heat radiating from the rocks, it is a sweat-fest!
My buddy Doug's been hiking it this fall, and has spotted a good number climbing on wkends, luckily, haven't heard about many rescues, yet, (he's nursed many folks up the last section, some really hurting).
Apparently, there's a new, permanent sign at the top (?), for the park to post when the trail closes, (covered now).

The area above Flat Rock you mentioned, wondering if this is close to what Ellen named Thank you Jesus rock, where the trail, (in the trees now), momentarily plateau's out, before heading west into the Traverse.
This section is some of the 1st exposed areas, where most don micro-spikes, (or cramp-ons, in severe icy conditions).
I know a bit before this area, there's been some washouts over the years, and a section of the original trail was lost, (I still use it when I'm able to climb Skyline), and a new, (by default) section appeared, which is very steep.This area is as your coming into the trees, where some manzanita & other ground cover still grows.
I remember in the beginning of the main traverse, the trail cut's back on itself (south), for one switchback, before heading back towards Coffman (BFR), miss it, and you'll be too low for sure.

I've heard about some dead-fall high up that one needs to navigate, and some washout in the steep chutes.
Congrats on the climb, (and helping a couple newbies up), we'll see how much snow the mtns get this winter. Scott
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