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RMRU Reports

Postby Ed » Tue Jun 13, 2023 6:16 am

The RMRU report on the mission in March that resulted in two SAR members requiring rescue:


The first paragraph of a May report above provides some additional information:


And the subject walked down.
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Re: RMRU Reports

Postby guest » Mon Jun 19, 2023 3:02 pm

Thanks Ed, it took them a while to posts these on their site. That fall one of the SAR's guys took sounded really bad, (500ft.), and we know how steep most of the chutes are up there.
I hope he's making a full recovery.
It sounds like there's no good way down to aid those on the traverse or below, (even Coffmans Crag, where a few have managed to enter that huge, steep chute just north), as the normal trail area gets icy, and covered in big drifts.
Wonder if law enforcement sited the climber, (as I believe that upper section was still closed), and if so, how much? Doubt he was responsible for the "rescue" costs.
I've heard there's at least one new fallen tree across the trail, (again), manageable I think.
Anyone been to Hidden Lake lately, I'd imagine it's beautiful right now, (as is Caramber, if you can hack your way there), scott
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