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c2c2c - best time of the year

Postby nobohiker » Mon Dec 27, 2021 11:33 pm

Hi folks,

Recently did C2C and I am interested in doing c2c2c once the days are a bit longer and the ice/snow will be gone the Mile prior to round valley.
Assuming this will be a high snow year, which month would be good?

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Re: c2c2c - best time of the year

Postby guest » Tue Dec 28, 2021 9:25 am

Hi Nobohiker,
That's a tough question, and as you know, really depends on the year. You don't want the tram to summit & return section to be a grind, with post-holing or ice, but you don't want the desert to heat up too much either.
If we get several feet of good snow pack, it can last until at least May, although the section from 10k to summit is generally south facing for good melt, (unless you go up Boyscout section after Miller saddle).

Best to have some heat acclimation before your hike, as the desert can hit the 90's in March on a warm year, although early mornings are still nice and cool, (50's f, or a bit cooler), and get used to hiking with a gallon of liquids on your back. You may know the potable water at ranger sta tastes bad, but hiking up the 1/4 mile tourist crowded walkway to the tram isn't fun either, but at least your able to refill at either spot. Not sure if there's still lockers at the mt. sta of tram, but could be a good spot to store clothes, food & drink.

As you know, the days continue to get longer until summer, which helps not having to finish in the dark.
If we get are very good snow pack this year, (wouldn't that be nice), it's best to wait until early fall, when it gets "cool enough" and the days are still fairly long, (Sept or Oct). ss
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