Rock n’ Rain: Climbing after an event of wet-weather

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Rock n’ Rain: Climbing after an event of wet-weather

Postby guest » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:02 am

Hi friends,
This isn't directly related to the San Jacinto's, but thought it was good enough info to post. It's an article written by Joel Enrico of The Mountain Guides, and is mainly related to rock climbing, but can be related to hiking & mt. climbing as well. Granted, much of the rock around our area is granite, but there's many areas that still become affected by rains. I know there's been serious climbing accidents above Idylllwild, and wonder if any have been related to rains / moisture, etc.
Of course we can't always avoid certain situations & conditions, but we can choose alternate areas or activities, if needed.

Many of us over the years (decades), have seen the degradation of Skyline & other local trails from over-use & abuse, so continuing to educate as many users as possible, can only help.
I may not have posted the link correctly, but you can also access the article by going to Mt. Hardwear's site, then Learn, then Know How, then Rock Climbing, then Rock & Rain.

I think this can also hold true for mt. bikes, dirt bikes and horses, (even hikers), creating some damage after rains. It can be a slippery slope, (no pun intended), where some damage, i.e. water breaks / bars being removed or damaged, allowing rains to run Down the trail, instead of Off it.

Happy hiking / climbing, scott
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